Session Tips

Wondering what to wear or do during your session?

The first and primary rule is to be yourself. 

Having said that, if you'd like more traditional tips, here are a few additional suggestions:

*Simple and comfortable clothing works well. You might consider avoiding large logos or words.  If more than one person will be photographed, consider clothing that works well together.

*Multiple outfits are welcomed, if time allows. When planning for multiple outfits, consider one very simple outfit (plain white dress or white shirt with solid pants) and a few bold, colorful ones as well.

*Shoes and socks are optional

*Funky accessories are great!  Scarves, hats, belts, etc.

*Make sure your child is not coming to the session with an empty belly.  Offering a small snack a short time before your scheduled session can oftentimes deter crankiness.

*If you have a girl with long hair, please bring a styling product in case we need it (i.e. hairspray, gel, mousse).  Sometimes, I do not notice fly-away hair until I see the image on the computer and it is a TON of work to remove dozens of stray hairs from the face.  Occasionaly, this ruins an otherwise great photo.

*You are welcome to bring any toys, accessories, pets (if they are friendly, of course) of your choosing.  A few suggestions: bubbles, balls, jump rope or hoola hoop, toy cars or trucks, a favorite book...whatever makes your little one smile!